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Value Added Services

We provide Value Added Services (VAS) in different parameters as mentioned below, as per the mission’s requirement in respective countries:-

  • Premium

    We also have a unique and hassle-free service known as Premium Service, where our Visa Application Centre (VAC) staff provides personal attention to applicants in terms of assistance with form-filling and other required application processes. A dedicated member of the team will personally assist applicants throughout the entire journey of their visa application. There are a wealth of options under premium services such as Premium Lounge, translation services, transcription services in key foreign languages as required for visa processing, assistance with form completion, courier services, SMS/text message services, translation and Notary, photocopy and photography facilities, document printing, FAX/E-mail, Video Conferencing option for interviews, Video Visa Consultation, children’s play area and call centre solutions.

  • Standard

    Standard Services are our normal customized services that are available to all applicants visiting our Visa Application Centre. Applicants are required to pay a standard fee that is applicable to all, i.e. standard rates to apply for a visa. We offer Photo booth, Photocopy/Xerox of documents and e-printing facilities to our applicants. Credit and debit card payment also form a part of our standard services to facilitate quick submission of applications.

  • Platinum Services

    When an applicant makes an application, we will visit the applicant’s residence, office or venue/premises as desired. Thereafter, we will provide personalised services without the need for the applicant to visit one of our VACs. One such service is Mobile Biometrics, which is an extension of our Value-Added Services.