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What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Global Reach

With client governments located in multiple political, financial and economic systems and adhering to diverse regulations and cultural practices, BLS International has been able to fulfill a wide range of dynamic requirements. We have addressed these challenges effectively to ensure the success of all engagements in the global marketplace.

Business Integrity

At BLS International, an abiding commitment to integrity is hardwired into our business practices under the overarching umbrella of corporate governance. We believe that corporate governance creates an environment of trust, transparency and accountability vital to financial stability and sustainable growth of our business. For us, it forms the very fabric of doing business in an ethical and responsible way. It is implemented organisation wide through a structure of responsibilities, accountability and reporting, uncompromisingly overseen by our leadership team.

For us, business integrity stands for irreproachable honesty, ethical behavior, respect for people and compliance with applicable laws and regulations at all times and under all circumstances. Our organisational code of conduct also ensures that every stakeholder – employee, client, business partner, supplier and contractor understands and shares our commitment to business integrity.

Technological Innovations

BLS International’s rapid growth trajectory has been catalyzed by harnessing the infinite power of modern technology. As a strategic partner to sensitive clients, it deploys best-in-class technology to provide solutions to governments across the globe so that they can transform the way they deliver services to citizens. Our goal is to leverage innovations in technology to help our clients augment service improvements and responsiveness to their citizens; maximise productivity and efficiency of their service processes, and use the power of the digital revolution to empower their citizens.


We have created proprietary technology platform especially for robustness and scalability while maintaining the utmost security of client data. The strength of our technology deployment has significantly enhanced our ability to manage complex workflows for huge volumes of data and applications supported by state of the art security measures.