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  • The representative of BLS International has been very professional and helpful throughout the complex and challenging process of setting up from scratch a visa centre in a city like Jakarta. Her excellent work and great effort have been essential in the smooth transition from the former service provider to BLS, ensuring the continuity of visa services by the Embassy of Spain.

    Head of Consular Affairs

    Spanish Embassy in Jakarta

  • Dear Management of Spain Visa Application center,

    We are a couple from Shanghai and Beijing. We came to your VAC to submit applications and your staff Rita treated us very enthusiastically. When she checked our documents, she found that we don’t have copy of “Hukou”, so she helped us very patiently and with smile all the time. After we got the correct documents from our family, she helped us to solve the problem quick and efficiently.

    When Rita was helping us, she always smiled and we felt very warm with her service. Although the process was not that smooth because we don’t have correct documents at first, Rita’s service made us feel very warm and feel the standardized management of Capital Beijing and VAC. Spain VAC is customer-oriented, what a superb service quality! Professional and warm Rita, thank you. We sincerely thank you for your help.

    Thank you again!

    Translated from Chinese

    Hu yuhui, 

    Beijing Applicant

  • I would like to communicate my appreciation for the very professional and excellent work provided by your skillful team at the Spanish Visa Application Centre (VAC in Ramallah and in Gaza) managed by BLS International. While this Consulate General works constantly to improve consular services and visas provided to applicants, based on changing needs and feedback received, I would like to mention that your VAC has adapted perfectly well to our standards with great outcome so far.

    I am glad that the BLS team members have shown the ability to accomplish their daily tasks so well and, through good administration, they have exceeded our expectations. Moreover, the level of coordination with this Consulate General is providing to be outstanding.

    Deputy Consul General,


  • We certify that Visa Application Centre of BLS International Services Ltd. in La Paz, Bolivia is operational.

    All the opening process was carried out in agreement with the consular section of the Spanish Embassy, having at all times a good communication with the responsible of the centre. I am very pleased with the work.

    Head of Consular Affairs.


  • I first met representatives of BLS International in 2007 when I visited India for the Heads of Missions' Conference. They had tendered for and won the contract for outsourcing of visa services in Sudan (then still a united country). edited

    H.E. Ambassador of India


  • I have closely overseen the performance of BLS for the last three years and would like to sincerely compliment you and the entire BLS team for rendering very efficient services.

    H.E. Ambassador of India

    Embassy of India, Seoul, S. Korea